Screen Tensiometer


The TETKO screen tension meter has been calibrated to zero before leaving the factory.

Users do not need to adjust it by themselves.

The tension of the net is expressed in N / cm, which indicates how much the tensile force of

the mesh yarn per cm width is usually expressed in N-Newton or Kg-kg.

Newton shows the actual meaning of the tensiometer;

the reading display method:

The first reading of the tensiometer reading is incorrect. The second reading of the tensiometer is normal and the tensiometer should be flicked. Mesh next to it.


TETKO-MAT Screen Tensiometer

Measuring Principle: Instrument for measuring tetko mat screen tension with precision mechanical method
Display Error: Accuracy error is ± 5%
Measuring Range: 7-50N/cm    7-80N/cm
Package Size: 229*200*76mm Accessories: Standard calibration glass
Net Size: 108*76*44mm Net Weight: About 500 g
Units Of Measurement: N/cm Total Weight: About 1000g
Note: Shockproof, put it on its side after use
Type of mesh Ty pes of printing Tension IN / CM
Ultra high tension mesh Circuit board and measuring scale 16-20
High-strength mesh Multi-color four-color
overprinting machine printing
High precision ultrafine mesh High-precision
multilayer circuit printing
High-precision polyester
mesh standard monofilament
Multi-color and
four-color overprint
Ordinary polyester
mesh standard monofilament
Flat objects 8-12

TETKO-MAT Screen Tensiometer

tetko mat Screen tension meter

Common phenomena are printing ghosting, inaccurate color registration, ink smearing, etc.,

which is the expression of uneven tension.

Therefore, the tensiometer is an important tool for you to make color plates, precision plates, and dot plates.
TETKO-MAT Screen Tensiometer

tetko mat Tensiometer is used to measure the tension of the stretched mesh, and is an indispensable

tension measurer in the stretched net process.

Selecting a high-precision tensioner is the key to plate making and overprinting.

The tensiometer is easy to operate and easy to read. The error is small and the accuracy is high.

The tensiometer is an instrument that measures the amount of mutual traction between the inside of the wire mesh and the fixed wire mesh contact when the wire mesh is under tension. The unit for measuring tension is expressed in Newtons / cm.

Tension can also be expressed in relative values.

The centimeter tensiometer is a kind of relative tension, which is calculated by the value of the depth of the tensiometer to sink the wire mesh (mm). The tension value can be obtained directly from the indicator panel or indirectly from the control panel. get. Tensiometer is an important testing instrument to check the quality of screen printing plate. In order to ensure the tension required by the plate making, the tension meter should be used during or after the stretching.

TETKO-MAT Screen Tensiometer

Reading display mode: the first reading of the tensiometer reading pointer is incorrect, the second reading of the tensiometer rotation is normal, and the net yarn beside the tensiometer must be shaken.

Product Details

TETKO-MAT Screen Tensiometer
TETKO-MAT Screen Tensiometer

Tensiometer Accessories

1. Scale fixing screw

2. Zero adjustment disc

3.0 N / cm (zero point)

4. Base of tension meter

5. Glass calibration block

6. The contact surface of the mesh during the test

TETKO-MAT Screen Tensiometer

Measurement Methods And Steps

Zero Adjustment

Remove the tensiometer from the box, place it on the glass calibration block, and then turn the fixing screw counterclockwise to allow the zeroing dial to rotate. Rotate the zero plate to zero and confirm.


Flip mesh and place it horizontally (PCB contact side up) place the tensiometer at the four corners and center of the screen, check the tension value at each point, and record the minimum value. Check whether the screen tension test value is within the allowable range, if the measured value does not meet the standard, please feedback to the engineer for processing.

After the measurement, put the tensiometer back into the box in time,

and then put it back on the knife holder.

TETKO-MAT Screen Tensiometer



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