stainless steel Punching Mesh

stainless steel Punching Mesh

Punching Mesh

The punching mesh is CNC stamped from stainless steel plates, aluminum-plastic plates and other metal plates. Through uniform and continuous punching, round holes, elliptical holes, square holes, diamond holes and other special mesh-shaped punching stencils are formed.

Name Tainless steel punching mesh; Diamond punching mesh; Circular punching mesh; Square punching mesh; Special-shaped punching mesh; Round hole punching mesh; Square hole punching mesh; Hexagonal punching mesh;  Aluminum plate punching mesh.
Material Stainless steel 201; Stainless steel 304 and other high quality stainless steel plates.
Hole type Round hole; Square hole; Rectangular hole; Diamond hole; Fish scale hole; Triangular hole; Hexagonal hole; Long waist hole; Pentagonal star hole; Irregular hole; Pattern hole; etc.; Can also be processed according to customer requirements .
Mesh diameter  1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 30mm, 35mm And other mesh diameters.

Stainless Steel Punching Mesh Features:

  • Light weight;
  • Good stability;
  • Non-slip;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Good filtration performance.

Stainless Steel Punching Mesh Use:

  • Punching mesh is widely used in construction;
  • Industry;
  • Commerce, and decoration industries.

For example: Perforated plate mesh for ceiling; Punched mesh for metal curtain wall; Punched mesh for interior decoration; Aluminum mesh; Metal decorative mesh; Round hole mesh for filtration system; Perforated plate for ventilation; Louver for acoustic insulation Punching plate. Many domestic well-known brands adopt the aluminum plate mesh produced by our company; Such as Adidas; Nike storefront decoration punching net; Fat brothers and two restaurants dining decoration punching net; Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed rail insulation board with louver stencil.

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