Plastic Filter Mesh

Plastic Filter Mesh

Filter Mesh

Plastic filter mesh is mainly used as protective sheath or supporting.

Product Name  Plastic filter net is also called extrusion net; Diamond net; Support net and so on.
Material  Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyamide (PA) Material
Specification  7 x 7 mesh – 16 x 16 mesh
Weave Type Extrusion diamond
Width  1016-1200mm; Or customized
Product Form  Rolls
Roll length  200 meters; 305 meters;  Or customized
Color  White; Black; blue; Or customized

Advantages:Corrosion Resistance; Light Weight; Increasing Filtration Area and Improving Filtration Efficiency.

Usage:Used for outer sheath and supporting function of filter element.

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Thickness SPI Angle Width(mm) Material Request a Quote
0.43mm 16×16 90 200-1100 PP
0.5mm 16×16 90 200-1100 PP
0.56mm 16×16 90 200-1100 PP
0.69mm 9×9 90 200-1040 PP
0.71mm 9×9 90 200-1040 PP
0.76mm 9×9 90 200-1040 PP
0.79mm 9×9 90 200-1040 PP
0.81mm 9×9 90 200-1040 PP
0.86mm 9×9 90 200-1020 PP
1.16mm 7×7 90 200-1020 PP
0.5-0.58mm 15×15 60 305-1040 PA
0.69/0.86mm 7×7 75 305-870 PE

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