Stainless steel screen printing mesh are mostly apply for high quality precision screen printing.

Name Stainless steel printing mesh;
Material  SUS304N, 304HP, 316L
Specifications  160×160-500×500 Mesh
Width  1 meter, 1.22 meters; Can be customized
Roll length  30 meters; Can be customized
Weaving method Plain weave

Characteristic: The mesh opening is uniform and stable; The weave is consistent; Weaving and solid; Anti-curling; High tension.

Advantage: Good printing accuracy; High resolution; Good printing resistance; Have good ink/slurry printing thickness control ability.

Use: Suitable for direct plate making; The surface is a curved substrate; Such as: Glass; Ceramic; Metal; Plastic; Rubber; Printed circuit; etc. It is especially suitable for use in harsh environments;  Multi-color overprinting; Batch printing; Tone printing; Precision printing.

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