steel ring felt Liquid Filter Bag

steel ring felt Liquid Filter Bag

Liquid Filter Bag

Needle felt steel ring liquid filter bag is an important part of the filtration system, relying on the filtration system fluid pressure, filtering the liquid through the filter bag.

Material Needle Felt.
Mesh opening 0.22-200 micron etc.
Size 1#,2#,3#,4#,5# Liquid filter bag(see the technical indicator column for details of dimensions.); Other size can be customized.
Mouth shape Galvanized steel ring; Stainless steel ring.

Other name: Liquid filter bag; PP liquid filter bag; PO liquid filter bag; Water liquid filter bag; Filter sock; Felt filter sock; Bag filter for water treatment; 1 Micron water filter bag; Filter bag water; Bag filter water; Waste water bag filter.

Operated by the principle of deep filtration, the needle felt filter bag can effectively remove solid and soft particles. The liquid filter bag is specially designed to be freely installed in various incompatible filter weights with a maximum particle retention rate of 99. %, it has many characteristics of high dirt holding capacity, strong corrosion resistance, good temperature resistance, large flow, convenient operation, long service life, no fiber shedding, etc., which brings great convenience to users. It is a liquid filter bag with relatively advanced domestic technology and high comprehensive cost performance. Available in polypropylene, polyester, polyaramid and other materials and different filter bags.
Needle felt filter bags are economical and widely used in pre-filtration, amine night filtration, electrophoresis filtration, and syrup filtration.
Advantages: Corrosion resistance, long service life; Filter efficient
Application :Textile, printing and dyeing, various liquid purification in the paper industry;Food and Beverage: Process purification and aseptic processing of food additives such as beer, liquor, bottled water, tea beverage, dairy products, edible oil, etc;Petrochemical and chemical industry: various lubricants, aviation coal and various oils, catalysts, viscose, polymers, resins, hydrogen peroxide, chemical fiber manufacturing processes;Fluid purification, separation and recovery of valuable chemical intermediate products and chemical products;Coatings, paints and inks: latex paints, paint materials and solvent filtration, printing inks, printing inks and additive filtration;Various coolant filtration in the machining and refrigeration industries;

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