polypropylene filter mesh

polypropylene filter mesh

filter mesh

Polypropylene mesh is often used for gas and liquid filtration; Such as automobile oil filtration; Chemical test machine filtration and so on.

Name  Polypropylene monofilament mesh
Material  PP
Specification  20-60 mesh; Customized
Weave Type Plain; Twill: Dutch weave
Width  100cm, 127cm;Or customized
Product Form  Rolls
Roll Length  30-70m/Roll; Fixed Length;  Or customized
Color  White;  black; Or customized


  • Acid and alkali resistance;
  • Good corrosion resistance;
  • Can replace polyester screen;
  • Nylon screen


  • Mainly used as sheath and support outside filter element;
  • Chemical reagent filtration, etc.

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Polypropylene Filter Mesh

Model Mesh Count (cm) Mesh Count (inch) Thread Dia
Mesh Opening
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PP-B 8 20 250 1000 500 127
PP-W 12 30 250 583 500 156
PP-W 16 40 230 395 391 212
PP-W 20 50 200 300 400 166

For small testing ordre We will sending the goods within 1-3 days.For bigger order will send the goods within 7-10 days

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