Squeegee is the glue strip used in the screen printing process. Most of them are made of PU material. According to the characteristics of the screen printing substrate, the precision requirements of the printing pattern and the different printing methods, squeegee with different hardness and cross-sectional shape can be selected.

刮刀是丝网印刷过程中使用的胶条。 其中大部分由PU材料制成。 根据丝网印刷基材的特性、印刷图案的精度要求和印刷方式的不同,可选择不同硬度和截面形状的刮刀。

Product name: screen printing squeegee Brand: MACROKUN
Material: Polyurethane Length: 3660mm/roll,4000mm/roll,customized
Size: 25*5mm, 35*7mm, 50*9mm Color: red, green, blue, white,


Strip hardness: 55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95A Blade shape: flat, sharp, oblique, blunt
Product use: Make glue or ink flow through the screen to contact the substrate material,
ensure that the screen is suitable for the surface of the substrate, and can remove excess glue and ink on the screen
Storage method: After using up or not using for a long time, the blade should be cleaned with water or net water.Wash it clean and keep it in a cool place to extend the life of the tape

Welcome to buy the screen printing squeegee produced by MACROKUN, our screen printing

squeegee has a variety of sizes and hardness for your choice!


  PU100 PU300 PU500 PU800 Triple Layer ±Tolerance
Thickness 2-20mm ±0.3mm
Width 9-500mm ±1.00mm
Length 10-4000mm ±5mm
Hardness 55-95 Shore A ±3A


Standard Hardness
Soft 55,60,65 Shore A red or natural
Medium 70,75 Shore A green or natural
Hard 80,85 Shore A blue or natural
Super hard 90,95, Shore A white
Triple medium 75/90/75 Shore A green/white/green
Triple soft 65/90/65 Shore A red/white/red


Other hardness and colors are available on request!





Made of special polyurethane elastomer high-quality material, suitable for all kinds of screen printing machines, such as: manual screen printing machine and automatic screen printing machine.


Standard Profiles

E1:Straight Square Edge

E2:Single Bevel+Flat tip

E3:Single Bevel

E4:Double Bevel+Flat tip

E5:Double Bevel (V shape)

E6:Bull Nose (round top)

E7:H shape

E8:Triple layer

E9:Double layer


The flat-mouth squeegee has a certain adaptability and can withstand higher pressure.

The inclined squeegee has the characteristics of flat scraping and sharp scraping, and it is not easy to collapse.

The sharp-edged squeegee has good flexibility, compliance, reduces pressure, and is suitable for printing on uneven surfaces.

The larger the degree of the strip, the harder the squeegee, and the smaller the degree, the softer the squeegee.







Product Features:

1.High abrasion and tear resistance resulting in better elasticity.

2.Excellent resistance and minimum swell to a wide range of pastes,inks and solvents.

3.Precisely finished edge.

4.Hyper solvent resistance.

5.Has good abrasion resistance, can be repaired with a scraper.








The screen printing squeegee is melted and cast by a centrifuge. This fully computer-controlled process not only.

It can avoid the generation of air bubbles and small holes, and it is the only way to ensure the quality of squeegee from beginning to end.

Consistent advanced technology. In addition, each squeegee needs to be tested and sold before leaving the factory, which effectively avoids being unusable due to the appearance of air bubbles and pinholes.

丝网印刷刮刀由离心机熔化和浇铸。 这不仅是完全由计算机控制的过程。


始终如一的先进技术。 另外,每一个胶刮在出厂前都需要进行测试和销售,有效避免了因出现气泡和针孔而无法使用的情况。

Use Suggested:

When using, try to avoid excessive pressure of the scraper on the screen, which will cause: the ink layer is extremely thick, difficult to control, and will also wear the screen excessively. printing with proper pressure. When loading the squeegee into the handle, do not apply excessive pressure or use a thick gauge to press it in, the squeegee should take regular breaks, not continuous use.


使用时,尽量避免刮刀对网版的压力过大,这样会造成: 墨层极厚,难以控制,而且对网版的磨损也过大,所以正确的做法是使刮墨刀的端部与网版边缘有适当的距离,然后用适当的压力进行印刷。 将刮板装入手柄时,请勿施加过大的压力或使用厚尺寸将其压入,并且应定期休息,而不是连续使用刮板。


Cleaning Method:

Wipe off excess ink with a cloth first, and then use a soft cloth dipped in a suitable solution to clean it. Do not use strong corrosive solvents. After grinding, the spatula should be completely idle before use to allow the solvent on the spatula to fully evaporate.


先用布擦去多余的墨水,然后用较软的布蘸取适当的溶液清洗,请勿使用强腐蚀性溶剂。 研磨后,刮刀在使用前应完全闲置,让刮刀上的溶剂完全蒸发。


Grinding Method:

Common grinding methods can be used: belt type, grinding wheel type. The squeegee must be kept dry during grinding, and the squeegee after grinding should not be wiped with solvent immediately.




Storage Method:

For long-term storage, the squeegee should be wrapped and placed flat in a dry, cool and dark room. Avoid direct light exposure, otherwise the performance and hardness of the scraper will change.


如需长期存放,应将胶刮包好,平放在干燥、阴凉、避光的房间内。 避免光线直射,否则刮刀的性能和硬度会发生变化。

Product packaging is divided into two types:

  1. Carton packaging, suitable for small volume and small quantity.
  2. Packed in paper tube drum, suitable for large volume and large quantity of goods.



  1. 纸管桶包装,适用于大体积、大批量货物。




1.Samples orders usually within 3 days shipped by Courier (DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, EMS and

so on).

2.Small quantity orders usually within 3-7 days shipped by air or by sea.

3.Large quantity orders usually within 7-15 days shipped by sea.

The main export port: SHENZHEN.


1.样品订单通常在 3 天内由快递(DHL、TNT、FEDEX、UPS、EMS 等)发货。

2.小批量订单通常在 3-7 天内空运或空运海。

3.大批量订单通常在 7-15 天内通过海运发货。


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