» Mesh Bubble Filter Bag Kits

Product Name Mesh Bubble Filter Bag Kits
Material Nylon mesh
Capacity 5 or 20 gallon
Quantity 3/4/5/8 bags
Color Purple, Yellow, Red, Blue, Orange, Black, White, Green

Each kit including

Purple – 25 Microns; White – 45 Microns; Yellow – 73 Microns; Black – 90 Microns; Orange – 120 Microns;Red – 160 Microns; Green – 190 Microns; Blue – 220 Microns

Black carrying bag for easy storage 25 Microns Pressing Screen


Product Feature

1.ALL MESH — It’s all mesh-screen from top to bottom and maximum yield make it fast and easily removing dust, leaf and other contamination than other bubble bags.

2.HIGH QUALITY — Made with durable mesh materials. Reusable. Double Stitched for maximum durability.Built-in flexible cord for binding the filled bag.

3.Bubble bag is specially designed to produce the best possible quality of extract for or customers who prefer a streamlined, more cost-effective process.

4.Our screens are top quality monofilament screens. The nylon screen is heat stamped to keep the fibers from shifting, retaining a consistent pore size and preventing contamination of your extracts.

5.The bags are color-coded to the corresponding micron level.



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