» Food grade nylon mesh filter

The role of nylon filters Various nylon filters are widely used in industrial filtration, petroleum, chemical industry, printing, air conditioning filters, plant shading, marine aquaculture, flour processing screen printing, pharmaceuticals, paint filtration, well drilling, etc. Nylon filters can also be used for food filtration.

Nylon filter screen has the characteristics of high toughness, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, weather resistance, etc. It also has the characteristics of good insulation and low lubrication coefficient.

Product Name: Nylon filter mesh,filter membrane

Width: 100cm, 127cm, 183cm, or customized

Weave Type: Plain weave, twill weave,dutch weave

Roll Length: 30-100m/Roll, Fixed Length,orcustomized

Nylon Filter Mesh Advantages:

1. They can be woven with great precision to give exact and regular apertures so the mesh openings are uniform.
2. Very smooth surface so that the filtered particles will easily separate from it.
3. They have great strength and elasticity Wear-resistant, Alkali-resistant.
4. Easy to clean and light in texture.




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