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In the printing industry, have you ever thought about the exact tension of your printing mesh? In fact, 95% of printing problems are directly related to the tension of the mesh. When the print feels rough, it is almost always caused by a screen with poor tension. The tight screen will give you a clear image. On manual presses, a tight screen will greatly reduce printing fatigue during the printing process. Screen tension refers to how tightly your mesh stretches in the frame, in Newtons per square centimeter (N/cm 2 ).


Improper screen tension can cause a series of problems:
1. Improper tension will affect your printing. Even if your work is set up perfectly, the screen frame and the fabric are precisely aligned, and your screen printing machine is operating normally, the screen with poor tension will still produce misaligned prints.
2. Unsuitable screen tension will affect the integrity of the template. Due to unnecessary pressure on the mesh, the printed screen will fall off faster on the silk-screened aluminum frame with improper tension.
3. If your screen cannot maintain proper tension, your printed matter may appear smudged because the ink may collect in the folds of the mesh and be unevenly distributed.

Measurement Methods And Precautions
1. After installing the battery, place the tensiometer (and bottom bracket) on a flat surface without vibration, click the power button, wait a few seconds, the display shows 0.0, and then it can be used.
2.Tension meter after zero, put it on the clean tension screen, digital display of tension values.
3. Matters needing attention
When testing the tension, the mesh must be suspended;
Tensiometer must be zeroed before use it will automatically shut down after stopping measurement for 2 minutes;
Pay attention to anti-vibration:dropping the meter may damage or reduce the measurement accuracy and sensitivity.

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