» 100% Natural Silk Mesh Filter Fabrics

The natural silk mesh filter fabrics are woven by 100% multistrand natural silk yarns and used for filtration. The natural silk fibers, which are made of pure protein, are renowned for their incredible lightness, strength, and durability.

1. Good elasticity, not easy to deform, and not easy to relax
2. Good moisture absorption
3. Excellent antistatic property
4. Not wear-resistant, easy to fluff

Natural wire mesh bolt cloth type:
Depending on the size of the mesh, there are a variety of organizational forms to obtain better strength and stable structure to prevent deformation.
1. Twist or leno weave (CQ series), suitable for lower meshes with large apertures (less than 30 mesh/cm),
2. Half twist (CB series), usually used for higher meshes (above 30 mesh/cm)
3. Plain weave (CP series), usually used for higher meshes (above 30 mesh/cm)


1. Gunpowder screening.
2. Emery grading by rotary sander.
3. Filtration of organic matter, such as essential oils.
4. Food and beverage filtration and screening.
5. For crafts.



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