» Nylon Filter Bag With Metal Ring

 Nylon Monofilament Mesh Iiquid filter bag withgalvanized steel ring.

These nylon bags are a single strand mesh designed for economical use and suitable for applications using vessel or open filtration systems. Industries that would need liquid filter bags consist of chemical, food, paper, petroleum, adhesives, paints and many others.

Nylon Liquid  filter bag

Material: nylon

Bag Mouth Material: plastic ring

Size: customizable

Material: Nylon Monofilament
Ring: plastic, stainless steel
Filtration Precision: 10, 25, 50,100,150, 200,400,500,600,800 µm
Type: various specifications
Airtight method: heat fusion, reverse sewing
Effective filtration area: various specifications
Others: special requirement of diameter and can be customized

The size of filter bag

No. Filtration area(m³) Volume(L) Diameter Length Max Water Flow(L/ hr)
P1S 0.25 8.0 7inch(180mm) 17inch(450mm) 20
P2S 0.50 17.0 7inch(180mm) 32inch(810mm) 40
P3S 0.09 1.3 4inch(100mm) 9inch(230mm) 6
P4S 0.16 2.5 4inch(100mm) 15inch(380mm) 12

Note: Customized filter bags can be provided

Nylon filter bag details

Plastic ring,Corrosion resistant

The filter material buckle is made of

polypropylene resin environmentally

friendly material, which has a smooth

appearance without burrs and better

corrosion resistance.

Five-thread sewing

hemming technology


Adopting five-thread seam hemming

technology, the tightest sewing, to

ensure that each filter bag can

achieve the best filter effect.

Environmental Protection

And No Pollution

Made of nylon material with high

strength and no secondary pollution.



Nylon filter bag industry application 

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