With the development of the electronics industry, the precision screen printing industry has developed rapidly, and higher requirements have been placed on screen printing squeegee. Plet  company introduces MKS-M screen printing squeegee from Japan, which inherits the excellent quality of Japanese squeegee, excellent solvent resistance and wear resistance, stable screen printing quality and high printing life, suitable for electronic screen printing.

MKS-Screen Printing Squeegee Information

Hardness—different hardness corresponds to different colors

Polyurethane squeegee
Type M
Cyan—62±3A Hardness Tester
Product Descrption


1. This customized squeegee is suitable for cosmetic bottle printing design.

2. Made of materials imported from Japan, with excellent solvent resistance and abrasion resistance.

3. The 90-degree sharp edge design has better support, and the knife edge is not easy to be deformed and damaged. One type of squeegee, three ink volume options.

Physical properties

Project Unit Squeegee type M
Color Cyan 62A Green 70A Blue 75A Yellow 83A White 97A
Hardness JIS-A 62±3 70±3 75±3 83±3 97±3
100% stretchability MPa 2.22 2.77 3.7 5.89 8.76
200% stretchability MPa 3.72 4.09 5.38 8.63 12.23
300% stretchability MPa 6.5 5.85 7.38 11.1 16.71
Maximum stretching MPa 35.1 24.6 17.2 11.7 8.23
Tensile limit % 632 563 521 523 520
Breaking strength KN/m 42.4 55.5 67.7 81.5 132.4

Resistance to chemical solvents

Test time: 7 Days3.1.2 Chemical solvent resistance

Test solvent: xylene, methyl ethyl ketone

Test items: hardness change, quality change

MK-AS-SL-Carbon Squeegee For Sola11

Product Storage & Grinding


1.Store indoors at 40℃or lower, do not store in high temperature and high humidity, direct sunlight and ultraviolet radiation. (Recommended storage conditions: 23℃±2℃, humidity 60% or lower).

2.Do not store near heat-generating equipment or dusty places.

3.It is forbidden to bend and press, stack it straight, stack no more than 20PCS.

4.The scraping rubber is stored at a low temperature for a long time, and can not be used

immediately after being moved to the workshop. It should be placed at 25℃for more than 3 hours before use.


Welcome to use the SPS-SG squeegee grinder for better grinding results

1. After using the squeegee, please clean the surface ink and rest on the SPS-DR squeegee rack for 12 hours, waiting for the solvent to be released.

2. M type traditional squeegee needs to be grinding in the squeegee holder; FGB/AS with support

plate squeegee can be removed for grinding.

3. Manual grinding machine for grinding

250 mesh grinding wheel: single grinding   coarse grinding 0.5mm / fine grinding 0.2mm

400 mesh grinding wheel: single grinding   coarse grinding 0.2mm / fine grinding 0.1mm

4.The squeegee can be polished with the SPS-Sander  to smooth the edge of the knife edge.


SPS squeegee can be grinded many times, the grinding does not melt, the grinding surface is fine, and the edge is smooth.

SPS-SG squeegee grinders are available in a variety of custom-made grinding wheels:

U-shaped C-angle R-angle (K1-K5).

Look for nut milk bags with a U-shape or rounded bottom; the curved edges are easier to clean pulp out of than a bag with straight corners. In terms of size, larger options will allow for more versatile use of the nut milk bag. As mentioned above, you can make everything from yogurt to cold brew. Smaller bags are more limited in their utility and work better for brewing tea or infusing a broth with herbs.

Product Workshop

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