» 6t to 180t 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh for Screen Printing or Filtering

Basic Info.

Model NO.
Roll Length
30-100m or Customized
White and Yellow or Customized
High Tension and Low Enlongation
Delivery Time
3-5 Days for Inventory, Big Qty About 10-15 Days
Silk Screen Printing, Filter Bag Making or Others
Transport Package
Export Carton
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Product Description

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6t to 180t 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh for Screen Printing or Filtering6t to 180t 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh for Screen Printing or Filtering

6t to 180t 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh for Screen Printing or Filtering PRODUCTS INFORMATION

Product Name: Screen printing  mesh
Meterial: 100% polyester monofilament
Width: 0.6-3.65 Meters
Mesh count:  6T to 180T(15mesh to 460mesh/inch)
Color: white and yellow or customized
Roll length: 30-100m or customized

6t to 180t 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh for Screen Printing or Filtering

Type Mesh Count
Thread Diameter
Ink Through Volume Theoretically
Tensile Strength
6T-400 15 1300 400 65 780-810 560 110
10T-250 25 700 250 49 508-518 355 85
12T-250 30 610 250 53 495-505 305 85
15T-250 38 467 250 49 489-501 213 83
24T-100 60 316 100 57 188-195 109 49
24T-120 60 303 120 51 230-240 104 51
30T-120 75 213 120 41 235-245 102 52
32T-100 80 212 100 46 145-155 69 48.5
36T-90 90 185 90 45 155-165 65 59
39T-55 100 195 55 56 88-96 55 24
39T-80 100 176 80 48 148-153 73 31
43T-80 110 147 80 40.8 125-131 53 31
47T-55 120 152 55 51 88-96 47.6 29
48T-70 120 135 70 41 108-120 45.5 30
53T-55 135 128 55 47 88-96 44.5 29
54T-64 137 115 64 38.5 95-105 38.9 30
54T-70 137 108 70 34 108-120 40 31
62T-64 155 105 64 42 98-107 33 31
64T-45 160 105 48 43 73-82 36.5 30
64T-55 160 98 55 38 85-95 36.1 30
64T-64 160 88 64 30 95-105 30.7 31
68T-55 175 85 55 34 85-95 29.2 48
68T-64 175 78 64 29 108-110 32 58
72T-45 180 92 45 40 68-76 33.1 27.6
72T-48 180 90 48 36 75-84 33.1 28
77T-48 195 81 48 34 80-85 29 28
77T-55 195 75 55 28 86-92 26.6 29
80T-48 200 72 48 33 75-84 28.7 27
90T-48 230 56 48 25 77-85 23.5 25
100T-40 250 58 40 37 66-73 21.3 28.5
110T-40 280 52 40 33 78-85 20.5 29.6
120T-34 305 45 34 30.5 52-57 18.4 30.5
140T-34 355 31 34 19.5 56-62 14.4 31
150T-31 380 36 31 29 43-47 13.1 30.5
150T-34 380 30 34 20.5 56-62 14.9 30.5
165T-31 420 31 31 22.5 52-58 12.5 28.9

Remark:The above datas are theoretic ,please reference the actual datas if there it differs.

6t to 180t 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh for Screen Printing or Filtering
High Tension: The fracture resistance is high, and the tension value of the printing mesh is significantly higher than that of the ordinary printing mesh.

High Stability: The tension remains very stable during the printing process, thus ensuring the printing quality and the service life of the screen.

High abrasion resistance: The high-quality fiber is used as the raw material, and the surface of the screen is specially treated to withstand high pressure and multiple frictions. Therefore, the screen has high safety and printing resistance.

6t to 180t 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh for Screen Printing or Filtering[Our Advantage]

1. 126 sets P7100 and P7150 Sulzer weaving looms  from Switzerland, as well as Germany-made intellectual electronic warping machine can ensure our supply ability to be 5000 meters per day.
2. For normal mesh count mesh and other products, usually we have stocks, goods can be shiped out within 15 days.
3. Our production process fully based on the high computer technology, it is accepted as the only
company capable of having TSE ( Chinese Standard Institution ) and ISO 9001:2008. 90% of our silk screen printing mesh exported to Southeast Asia, North America, Europe and other parts in the world.
We have good reputation in the world with high quality and competitive price.

6t to 180t 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh for Screen Printing or Filtering
Direct factory customization, reduce the link, you can enjoy the factory price; factory large-scale procurement of raw materials, can control the cost very well.
6t to 180t 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh for Screen Printing or Filtering
[White and Yellow color mesh differences]
White mesh is the more economical of the two, and is primarily seen in lower mesh counts used for less-detailed designs. Higher count mesh is usually dyed yellow because the color yellow acts as a canceling factor for UV light and prevents refraction along the mesh strands when burning your screens. This allows for a more focused and precise exposure, keeping your screens as crisp as possible.

[Production Process]
Buy yarn from Jintong, Switzerland and Japan, we inspect the yarn when they unloaded in our factory. (tolerance, tensile strength, physics test etc.).
After that, we put the warp wire on beam, draw the warp wire into heddle and reed. Then our experienced weaver will start weaving according to orders.
Initial survey will be done after weaving.Then start heat setting treatment and physical properties inspection, before we get tentative finished rolls(60-500 meters big rolls).
In the end, we’ll cut the small rolls(20m-50m) according to customer orders after a final inspection.

6t to 180t 100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh for Screen Printing or Filtering
1. Paper tube inside, plastic bag outside, then packed in cartons.
2. Folding the mesh into plastic bag, then packed in cartons.

1. Samples orders usually within 3 days shipped by Courier (DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, EMS and so on)
2. Small quantity orders usually within 3-7 days shipped by air or by sea.
3. Large quantity orders usually within 7-15 days shipped by sea.
4. The main export port: XINGANG, BEIJING , SHANGHAI, QIANGDAO , NINGBO and so on.

[About Us]
Macrokun which responsibly manufacturer and exporter of Monofilament Polyester Screen Pringting mesh in China.Established in 2011.Our company has imported the most advanced process and technical,including 126 sets P7100 and P7150 Sulzer weaving looms from Switzerland ,as well as Germany-made intellectual electronic warping machine,automatic heat setting machine ,water washing machine, advanced examining and testing instrument and also has a number of well trained technicians and workers.Our business philosophy is to grow constaantly by offering the best quality and services and sharing our profits with our customers.You will soon realize that MACROKUN is a reliable and friendly supplier of major items to screen printers,Such as
*Polyester screen printing mesh,
*Screen printing squeegee,
*Aluminum screen printing frames,
*Printing Materials & Accessories
*Stainless Steel Pringting mesh
*Screen printing machine
The staff at MACROKUN is well prepared and fully committed to giving outstanding service for your complete station.. At the same time MACROKUN’s price are significantly lower compared to other suppliers in the market base on the same quality.We welcome and appreciate your comments on our service and product,which we need in order to enhance the quality of our goods and service.

Why should I choose MACROKUN screen printing mesh?
We have 120 Sulzer weaving machines to make sure the shortest lead time. Also the factory is equipped with several Germany imported machines like dying machines and heat-set machines. The strict  quality management system enables our printing mesh advantages, such as improved fabric strength and tension stabilization compared to other manufactures.
My order quantity is small,can you provide?
Yes. We will serve every customer with good quality products and services no matter how much your order is.
How do you guarantee quality for every lot?
MACROKUN has the most advanced and complete weaving and processing equipments. It can control the quality by measuring the whole production technology without any outsourcing. Also it has all the testing instruments to measure the product quality from lot to lot. Moreover, we have a strict and complete production and inspection management system to guarantee quality.
Can you receive OEM service?
Yes. We provide OEM services for customers.
If your goods have quality problems, how will you solve it?
First, we will react immediately to solve the problem for customers by sending the right goods or giving discount with consideration of the defect goods. Secondly, we will analyze the reason for such defects. Then effective measures will be taken to prevent the reoccurance of similar incidents in the future.
Do you have stocks of the printing mesh?
Yes. For normal mesh count mesh, we always have stocks of it. If your order quantity is small, we can be shipped the goods out within 3 days; If your order quantity is big, the mesh can be shipped out within 15 days.

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