» 1 micron(µm) Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bags

1 micron(µm) Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bags

1.1 micron (µm) polypropylene (PP) felt filter bags Data

Size: 1# 7*17”, 2# 7*32”, 3# 4*9”, 4# 4*15”, 5# 6*22”, other sizes can be custom made.

Micro rating: 1 micron (µm)

Filter Bag structure:

Bag body types: stitched, welded
Bag top types: plastic ring top, metal ring top, raw top, drawstring top
Bag bottom types: arc shape bottom, “V” shape bottom

Free Samples are available with freight cost covered by buyer or freight cost collection.

2.1 micron (µm) polypropylene (PP) felt filter bags Features


-High Grade polypropylene felt from1 micron (µm).

-Easy to replace.

-Manufacturer of 1 micron (µm) Polypropylene(PP) Felt Filter Bag

1 micron (µm) polypropylene (PP) felt filter bags are widely used in filtrations of food and beverages, chemical processing, heath care processing, pharmacy/biology, electronics, painting and coatings, oil and gas industry,  bio-diesel filtration, waste or recycled vegetable oil filtration, fishermen and other fields.

1 micron (µm) polypropylene (PP) felt filter bags applications examples:
Aseptic food liquid filter bags                                                                               Filter bags for filtration during beer process
Filter bags for beverage polishing                                                                        Distilled liquor processing filtration bags
Edible oil filter bags                                                                                                Peanut oil filter bags
Corn oil filter bags                                                                                                  Sunflower oil filter bags
Palm oil filter bags                                                                                                  Juice filter bags
Orange juice filter bags                                                                                          Drinks filter bags 
Sugar filtration bags                                                                                               Pharmaceutical Water Filtration Bags

Fine Chemical Filtration Bags                                                                               Dregs filtration bags
Filter bags for electronics industry                                                                       Electrophoresis paint filter bags
Liquid Silicone Coatings Filtration Bag                                                                Parts coating filtration bags (Aircraft Industry)
Coating paints filtration filter bags (car/auto industry)                                       Petrochemical filter bags
Bio-Diesel Filtration Bags                                                                                      Waste or recycled vegetable oil filtration bag



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