Name Standard sieve; Test sieve; Sample sieve; Stainless steel standard sieve; Stainless steel test sieve; Stainless steel sieve.
Material Wire mesh (0.02-2.36mm); Punched plate screen; Electroformed screen.
Specifications φ200x50mm, φ300x70mm, φ100x50mm, φ75x40mm, φ50x35mm, φ60x40mm.
Classification Conventional standard sample sieve;  Chemical special sieve; Soil special sieve; Stone special sieve, sand special sieve; Cement special sieve; Asphalt special sieve; Coal sample sieve; Metallurgical ore inspection sieve, etc.

The standard sieve, as the name implies, must conform to the standard sieve. The standard sieve is a tool for classifying and measuring the particle size of material particles. It is a sieve that is inspected, identified by a designated agency and considered to be in compliance with the agreement. This is an important sign that it is different from general sieve.

Stainless Steel Test Sieve Advantages and disadvantages:
The metal wire woven mesh has the lowest cost and good flexibility, but the relative accuracy is the lowest, and the mesh may be deformed. Generally, manufacturers with high-precision screen production capacity are required to ensure mass production.
Stainless Steel Test Sieve use:
Mainly used in various laboratories; Laboratories; Screening, screening; Widely used in metallurgy; Powder; Chemical; Pharmaceutical; Building materials; Geological; National defense and other departments of scientific research and production; Laboratory; Quality inspection room.

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