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Nylon Monofilament Filter Cloth
Monofilament Nylon mesh filter bags are manufactured from  Nylon Monofilament Filter Cloth
The non-deformable filaments are woven in a specific, consistent pattern and fusion welded for extra strength. Monofilament meshes are structurally very strong .
Standard Filter Bag Size 4″ x8″ ,4″ x14″ ,7″ x17″,7″ x32″.

Name Specifications(mm) Material Micron(µm) Technology Ring Material
01 180*810 PP/PE/NO 0.5-600 Welded/Sewn SS/PP
02 180*450 PP/PE/NO 0.5-600 Welded/Sewn SS/PP
03 100*280 PP/PE/NO 0.5-600 Welded/Sewn SS/PP
04 102*380 PP/PE/NO 0.5-600 Welded/Sewn SS/PP
05 125*750 PP/PE/NO 0.5-600 Welded/Sewn SS/pp

We are factory, we can make Nylon Monofilament Filter Mesh Bag as per your needs. 
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Nylon Monofilament Filter Mesh /Bag

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