» Ink Penetration Resilience Nylon Filter Mesh High Filter Rating For Paper Mill

Detailed Product Description
Material: Nylon Filter Rating: High
Number Of Meshes: 200mesh Application: For Paper Mill
Specification: 1m* 50m 4/5000 Biānzhī Fāngshì Weaving Method: Weave
Mesh: 18-400 Mesh Micron: 1000-15 Micron
Advantages of Micron Nylon Mesh Filter Screening

Ink Penetration And Resilience Are Excellent Nylon Screen Mesh For Paper Mill

Ink Penetration Resilience Nylon Filter Mesh Characters 

Material :manufactured by nylon monofilament yarns

Opening :the mesh with great precision exact and regular square holes

Chemicals :no unwanted chemicals,no any chemicals treatment in the production process

Safe Grade :very safe,very thin,food grade

Shape :can made by disc,tube,piece,roll any sizes and shape,max roll length1000m

Temperature :use temperature under 120℃

Dimensoinal :very good dimensional stability

Ink Penetration Resilience Nylon Filter Mesh use

Ink Penetration Resilience Nylon Filter Mesh used in refrigeration and air conditioning products and equipment, air cleaners and air purification equipment and engineering dust filter used.

Performance characteristics and applications

Ink Penetration Resilience Nylon Filter Mesh  Performance characteristics

◆ Imported polyamide monofilament fiber woven filter material, wear-resistant, high strength, long service life, good overall effect

◆ high dust rate, low initial resistance, dust-proof performance, can be repeatedly used to clean

◆ Slim aluminum alloy frame, can be made into a group with a handle-type interconnect, easy and safe replacement


◆ office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, stadiums, airports and other large civil ventilation systems; general factory centralized ventilation and air conditioning systems; clean room ventilation and air conditioning system, primary filter.



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