» Food Grade Rosin Press Micron Filter Bag

Food Grade Rosin Press Micron Filter Bag

Product Information:

Product Name: Food Grade Rosin Press Micron Filter Bag
Color: White
Certificate: FDA, LFGB(TUV certificated)
Size: 1.25″x3.25″, 1.75″x5″, 1.75″x8″, 2″x3.5″, 2″x6″,2″x4.5″/2.5″x4.5″,
can be customized any size
Mesh Aperture: 25um, 37um, 45um, 73um, 90um, 120um, 160um, 190um, 220um, or customized aperture
Sealing Type: Sewing(bag turned inside out) or Ultrasonic welding(seamless)
Max Temprature: 300ºF or 150ºC
Brand: Macrokun
Packing: 10pcs or 100pcs/bag or as your requirement
Other Application: Rosin extracting filter bag,tea bag,food filtering,food packing,coffee filter bag and so on.

How to make hash rosin:

In the case of hash, as we have already said, the material will need to be wrapped in a filter bag with different sizes (usually at 90 and 25u). They must be placed inside each other, to filter only the good part!

You will need:

  • Parchment paper (preferably a specific paper);

  • Hash;

  • 90 and 25u filter bag;

  • Flat iron.

Step by step

  • First step: Seperate the hash into correct portions for your size of rosin filter bag.

  • Second step: Cut the parchment paper into pieces in whatever origami method you feel is best, however we advice you allow the rosin to flow away from the plates quickly, but be careful to not let it flow off of the paper. Be sure to make a fold to catch the rosin after it flows away from the plates a bit or cut the paper large enough so it cools and stops flowing before it gets to the edge of the parchment paper.

  • Third step: Put the material inside the bags. Gather your folded parchment paper, insert the bagged material, and with the hot iron, press for approximately five seconds, possibly up to 15 to 30 seconds if you are pressing larger amounts. Be careful to not add too much pressure too quickly as this can cause the rosin bag to slip out from between the hot plates, or cause a blowout because the hash has not gotten warm enough to flow the oil through the bag.

  • Fourth step: When you open the paper, you will see a few golden rosin around what was crushed by the pressure. Lift the rosin bag carefully out of the parchment paper while it is still warm, then gather the rosin with a dab tool and store in a jar or parchment paper. It is possible to repeat the same operation several times.

Tips: If you are in a hot place, place the folded paper with its material inside a ziplock and place in refrigerator for a few minutes before the extraction, be careful when you remove the rosin however to not add moisture through condensation when you open the ziplock bag. You can also place a piece of metal or ceramic dish in the freezer for a moment, take it out and use it as a cold table to help gather rosin that is too sticky and oily in the heat, this cold will help it act more like a solid and be easier to gather up into one piece.

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