» Compost Tea Brew Bag

Compost Tea Brew Bag

Small Brew Bag (7″ x 10″) – Sized for a 5 gallon pail

Medium Brew Bag (9″ x 12.5″) Sized for larger barrels

Large Brew Bag (12″ x 16″)- Sized for 15-55 gallon brewers

Detailed information:
1.Our tea bags are 400 Micro-Mesh
2.Strong long-lasting Nylon fabric
3.Microbes are able to pass freely through this material
4.Has a zipper that can seal the top closed
5.Perfect for holding compost during the process of making compost tea or extract. Each bag is breathable, assisting in aeration by allowing water and air to better penetrate the compost.

Useful info:
The reason 400 micron mesh is important is because it allows the microbial life to flow through the bag undamaged and it’s also easy to clean. This bag is superior to your paint strainer or panty hose.

How to use:
Put your inputs into the bag, roll the top of the bag a couple times so it’s closed and buckle the bag. Take the bag and clip it onto your aerator.


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