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In the printing industry, have you ever thought about the exact tension of your printing mesh? In fact, 95% of printing problems are directly related to the tension of the mesh. When the print feels rough, it is almost always caused by a screen with poor tension. The tight screen will give you a clear image. On manual presses, a tight screen will greatly reduce printing fatigue during the printing process. Screen tension refers to how tightly your mesh stretches in the frame, in Newtons per square centimeter (N/cm 2 ).



Measurement Methods And Steps

1. Zero adjustment
Before using the tensiometer to calibrate the tension meter, place the tensiometer on the front of the zero adjustment plate(Do not use too much effort),Turn the scale lock counterclockwise by hand until the scale disc rotates.Rotate the dial until the dot is pointing to the pointer, and then turn the scale lock clockwise to lock the scale.
(Note: 1. Scale in the zero when the long needle is not necessarily and the horizontal line into 90 degrees, left partial right is normal.2. Daily use, such as zero adjustment plate appears large gap or broken should be replaced.

2. Measuring
The steel mesh or screen plate non-printed surface up on the platform. The entire tension meter on the smooth side of the outer frame 15-20cm on the net surface.With a finger to tap the stencil or wire mesh surface a few times, then the pointer is the point of view of the current stencil or wire mesh on the actual tension (Newton readings).Place the steel screen or screen version horizontally (PCB contact or screen print side up),Place the tension meter in the steel mesh or screen version of the four corners and center, check the point of the tension value, and the minimum value fill (stencil or screen use resume).Check whether the measured value of steel mesh or screen tension is within the allowable range , if the measured value is not standard, the feedback engineer handles.

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