» Factory Wholesale Waterproof Milky Inkjet Film for Plate Screen Printing

Imported chemical raw materials and advanced production technology are used to produce high-quality inkjet printing consumables, with fast ink absorption and bright patterns. Mainly used for high-definition pattern printing; various printing inkjet plate making; photo studio double-sided embroidery photo; advertising photo; digital handicrafts; digital sign and medal production.

Product name: Screen Printing Inkjet Film
Material:  PET Substrate Color: Milky White, Transparent white
Feature: Waterproof, NON-Waterproof
Thickness: 115um, 120um, 130um, etc.
Sheet size: A4, A3, A3+, A2, A1,8.5x11inch,8.5x14inch,11x17inch,13x19inch;
Roll size: 0.432/0.61/0.914/1.07/1.118/1.37/1.52 x 30 m(or 50m)
Special needs customizable size

Six Core Advantages:

1.The high-quality PET base is processed from the base material, which is super-transparent, has a strong coating, high black density, clear mesh line and fast drying speed.

2.The world’s advanced coating process, the coating is firm, the thickness is uniform and stable,

the ink absorption is good, the blackness is good, the mesh line is clear, the coating is firm, the film is not suitable for film removal, the ink is solid, the ink is not dispersed, and the ink absorption speed is high. Fast, the effect pattern is high in precision and colorful.

3.Not fainting, not smearing, long-term preservation, easy to archive management

4.Anti-light, anti-aging, anti-curling, anti-folding, anti-static, effectively match the stepper motor to accurately feed paper, prevent slipping

5.The inkjet printing coating has high permeability, and the pattern penetrates into the coating.

After drying, it is hard, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and will not be damaged by scratching with hard objects; the printing accuracy is high, and the fine text dots can be clearly displayed.

6.Excellent color-fixing performance, can effectively prevent image ink spots from smearing and

prolong the storage time of printed film.

Distinguish Front And Back :

1.The easiest way is to breathe lightly with your mouth. The ones that can breathe are not printable.It is the printing side that cannot be breathed;

2.You can also take out the film directly and put it in your hand naturally, and the upturned side is the front;

3.Dip a little water with your hand and then touch the film lightly with your hand, the front side

Sticky, this method is also very simple.

Print Setup Instructions:

When setting options, because this is an inkjet film, you cannot use (plain paper) this option, but use [Advanced Glossy Photo Paper], simultaneous printing method selection, advanced printing and other settings options.









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