» Wine filter bag

The wine filter bag is a simple and economical fabric filter, suitable for home brewers to start whole grain brewing. This method does not require mashing barrels, filter barrels or hot wine jugs, thus saving time, space and money.

1. Self-made mesh bag, BPA-free, clean and hygienic, reusable, safe and environmentally friendly.
2. High temperature resistant, easy to clean, can be used repeatedly, saving money and effort.
3. Double-sided double-thread sewing, dense needle and thread, anti-extrusion, not easy to leak slag.
3. Professional custom filter bags of various specifications


1. The 100 mesh filter bag can be used for the first separation of peeled residue after fermentation.
2. 200, 300 mesh filter bags can be used for secondary fine filtration of self-brewed wine.
3. 200 mesh filter bag can be used to filter soy milk and other fine-grained materials.




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