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Plastic welded liquid filter bag 
Styles Of Filter Bag Media
• FELT: Available in polyester and polypropylene, felt is generally used when particle retention of 1-200 microns is required. Felt media provides three dimensional depth filtration, resulting in a much higher solids loading capacity over the equivalent area of mesh fabric.
• MESH: NYLON MONOFILAMENT- A woven fabric with evenly spaced holes. Suitable for surface filtration only, monofilament consists of single untwisted thread. Bags are available in 25-800 microns.
• POLYESTER MULTIFILAMENT- Also suitable for surface filtration, this low cost, disposable fabric consists of many smaller diameter threads twisted together. Available in 100-800 microns.
Plastic Welded Liquid Filter Bag Convertion Chart

Mesh 12000 5000 2500 1250 625 550 300 200 140 120 100
μm 1 3 5 10 20 25 50 70 100 125 149
Mesh 70 60 50 45 35 30 25 20 18 16 14
μm 200 250 300 350 500 590 710 840 1000 1200 1400
Material Physical and chemical Performance
Strong Acid Very good excellent poor general excellent
Weak Acid Very good excellent general good excellent
StrongAlkalis poor excellent excellent Very good excellent
Weak Alkalis Very good excellent excellent good excellent
Solvents Very good poor good good Very good
Oxidising Agent good poor general good Very good
Abrasion Resistance Very good very good excellent general poor

Plastic Welded Liquid Filter Bag Available Materials:
Nylon Monofilament
Polyester Multifilament
Polypropylene Monofilament
Polyester Monofilament (requires special order)
Plastic Welded Liquid Filter Bag Standard Filter Bag
standard filter bag includes a steel ring collar that is designed to gasket as well as support and secure the filter bag when placed into the bag housing.
Nylon Mesh (monofilament) liquid filter bag
Steel ring stitched filter bag
Plastic welded liquid filter bag
welded bag was designed to meet the following requirements:
• No Needle Holes
• No Thread Contamination
• Precision bonded cutting of the fabric edges
• Maintain same efficiency as filter media
Plastic Collar Filter Bag
plastic collar was engineered to meet the following requirements:
• Molded plastic with built-in handle makes installation and disposal faster, cleaner, and less expensive
• 100% incinerable
• Just drop into housing and push down
• Smooth plastic designs prevent build-up of contaminants around header
• Collar is sewn into place to ensure that plastic and media remain firmly intact throughout filter life
Oil Adsorption Bags
Material and Micron Rating
Polypropylene Felt:  Micron rating available in 1-3-5-10-25-50-100
Polyester Felt:  Micron rating available in 1-5-10-25-50-75-100-200
Plastic Ring,Metal Ring
Plastic Welded Liquid Filter Bag
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