Biodegradable non woven drawstring tea bag
for packing coffee, herb, seasoning, powder or tea leaf,etc
5.5*7cm, 6*8cm, 7*9cm, 9*10cm, 8*12cm, etc,  the size will be according to clients’ details
Environmental protection, the filter effect is good. Drawstring for easy closure and hanging.
  • ◆SAFETY MATERIALS: white, safety and environmental non-woven materials, safe, non-toxic, odorless, self-degrade after discard.
  • ◆HIGH-QUALITY: Upgrade high-grade drawstring food grade filter bag, after high-temperature sterilization, good toughness, high temperature, strong penetration, more refined density.
  • ◆USE: Easy to fill, single-use, disposable tea filter bags for steeping high-quality loose leaf tea with convenience and you can tie a knot to close it up after used.
  • ◆FEATURES: Double S design, double-layer fabric, rapid penetration of the release of taste.
  • ◆WIDELY USED: Suitable for brewing tea, scented tea, coffee, DIY tea bag, herbal bag, foot bath package, hot pot package, bamboo charcoal water filter, camphor ball storage, desiccant storage, soup taste infuser, filter powder, etc.


Product description

Color: white

Upgraded high-grade environmentally friendly non-woven bags,

six advantages, quality assurance, it is worth to rely on!

high quality:
Our products are strictly in accordance with food safety standards selection of materials,
easy degradation, sophisticated products.

Drawstring non-woven bags, gently pull the cotton tighten the line after the Department, Tea does not leak,
the filter effect is good, easy to operate.

Safety and environmental protection:
After high-temperature disinfection of high-grade green bag.

unique design:
Double S design, double cloth combined into one, double-layer filter effect is better,
to ensure that no leakage residue, more soaked for a long time without damage.

Thin penetration:
Lightweight, convenient, easy to soak soak, taste and color will be released.

Strong applicability:
Available brewed tea, herbal tea DIY, coffee, DIY tea bag, herbal bag, foot bath package,
hot pot package, bamboo charcoal water filters, mothballs storage,
desiccant storage, soup pot infuser and other multi-purpose.

Teabags size: 3.15×3.94”
Quantity: 100 tea bags

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