This solvent-resistant DIGITAL SCREEN MASTER can be used as is immediately after a screen has been created using the FAST SCREEN TRACER.

*Suitable for use with water-based and oil-based inks.

Mesh Width Length
#50 560 / 1130mm 30m
#70 560 / 1130mm 30m
#80 560 / 1130mm 50m
#100 560 / 1 130mm 50m
#120 560 / 1 130mm 50m
#150 560 / 1130mm 30m
#180 560 / 1130mm 30m
#230 560 / 1130mm 20m
#270 560 / 1130mm 20m
#300 560 / 1130mm 20m



DIGITAL SCREEN MASTER for creating screens with MEMORY PRINTER OM-430a. With this film, you can create screens without stretching the film on a frame.

*Only suitable for use with water-based inks.

*The image at the top left is an enlarged photo

Mesh Width Length
#70 300 / 450 / 600mm 20m
#70 Thick 300 / 450 / 600mm 20m
#120 300 / 450 / 600mm 20m

We have developed DIGITAL SCREEN MASTER to meet the demands of our customers, who wanted film that was easier to use and gave more beautiful results. It was a trial and error process that took us over ten years, but the result was worth it: a word-class flagship product. While creating our dyes and inks,we also spent years persistently testing film developed according to our own theories of what works, time and time again. The result? The most durable and solvent-resistant film in existence. The arrival of digital screens made with DIGITAL SCREEN MASTER truly heralds a new era in the development of screen printing without emulsion.

An Ideal Degree Of Porousness

For Perfectly Crisp Results.


DIGITAL SCREEN MASTER can be used with any kind of ink and a wide variety of materials, from cloth and wood to leather, steel plates, plastic, paper, and more. While developing DIGITAL SCREEN MASTER, we knew we wanted it to not only be durable and solvent resistant, but also extremely porous. Our final product is a revolutionary film that ensures crisp result by distributing ink accurately without lowering the printing resolution. To accommodate all possible materials and purposes, we currently offer a variety of meshes between #50 and #300.

How can this high-performance film be 10% cheaper than films made by other companies? DIGITAL SCREEN MASTER is an original product developed entirely by OHTAS.Because the film was developed entirely by our enterprising president, all the associated know-how belongs to our company. This allows us to sell the product at the right price. Also, If you are outsourcing the manufacturing of emulsion sheets to professional contractors, switching to DIGITAL SCREEN MASTER(rendering emulsion obsolete) and digital screen making machines can give you the ability create your own screens; drastically reducing the cost per screen.

You Can Also Create Meshes In Custom Sizes.

Sometimes you have a clear idea of how a finished product should look like, yet you are unable to achieve the desired results with regular film. You think, “I want it to look clearer,I want the contours to be sharper.” You think, “I want a texture that’s perfect for this new product.” In such cases, we may be able to help you with a custom mesh size. We already offer over 100 kinds of meshes, and sometimes we can also use meshes that you bring to us. The secret to a beautiful finish is to find the perfect mesh for your chosen material and purpose. At our factory in Nantan, we produce a film that is unique in the world.

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