Mesh Stretching Clamp

Mesh Stretching Clamp

Mesh Stretching Clamp

Screen printing mesh stretching clamp is used for fixing screen frame when it is printing, The stretching clamps are durable cast aluminum clamps for fastening the aluminum frames. Durable and rust-resistant. In order to secure your screen frame to a table or work surface.

Product Information

Plastic ink knife

Name mesh stretching clamp
Material Aluminum alloy die casting
Applicable screen frame Silk screen wooden frame stretch net
Applicable instructions This screen printing mesh tension pliers is easy to use. It is mainly suitable for stretching the mesh of the wooden frame, only one person could complete the stretching process.
When using it, firstly nail the end of the mesh on the wooden frame with a staple gun, and then use the mesh tension pliers to clamp the mesh to let the mesh be straighten and flatten. Then the stretching process finished.
Mesh Stretching Clamp Display

Mesh Stretching Clamp
Plastic ink knife / Plastic ink spatulas advantages:

1. Aluminum material: corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, smooth surface, durable.

2. The surface design of the jaws: the jaws are made of rubber,tight bite, not falling off

3. Curved design: humanized curved design, light and labor-saving.

4. Splicing craft: screw fixation, simple and powerful, easy to use, uniform force.

Mesh Stretching Clamp

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