Stainless steel ink knife is the most widely used tool in paint & ink industry , our ink knife choose high toughness , stainless steel as the material.Ink knife with different shape & specification can meet different request , largely reduced operator’s working intensit.

Stainless steel ink knife Information

Scoop coater Information

Product Size Total length Knife length Pry length Knife width Thickness
4 inch small ink spatulas 175mm 95mm / 13mm 1
4 inch larger ink spatulas 200mm 100mm / 20mm 1
5 inch ink spatulas 250mm 123mm 10mm 23mm 1
6 inch ink spatulas 280mm 155mm 12mm 30mm 1
7 inch ink spatulas 305mm 175mm 12mm 30mm 1
8 inch ink spatulas 330mm 200mm 12mm 33mm 1
9 inch ink spatulas 360mm 230mm 12mm 33mm 1
10 inch ink spatulas 385mm 255mm 12mm 35mm 1
12 inch ink spatulas 430mm 300mm 12mm 40mm 1
14 inch ink spatulas 500mm 360mm 16mm 40mm 2
16 inch ink spatulas 550mm 410mm 16mm 42mm 2
18 inch ink spatulas 600mm 460mm 16mm 42mm 2

Product Size Total length Knife length Pry length Knife width Thickness
scraper knife 1# 240mm 135mm / 45mm 1
scraper knife 2# 270mm 150mm / 60mm 1
scraper knife 3# 290mm 162mm / 75mm 1
scraper knife 4# 300mm 175mm / 90mm 1

Product Size Total length Knife length Pry length Knife width Thickness
curved surface 4 inch ink spatulas 200mm 100mm / 21mm 1
curved surface 6 inch ink spatulas 250mm 150mm / 30mm 1
curved surface 8 inch ink spatulas 300mm 200mm / 33mm 1
curved surface 10 inch ink spatulas 350mm 250mm / 38mm 1
flat curved scraper kinfe 240mm 130mm / 57mm 1
stainless steel ink knife Display

Product advantages:

1. High-quality steel, high-quality wooden handle.

2. Good toughness, not easy to break, corrosion resistance

3. Round hole on handle for easy hanging.

4. Knife pry can open cover quickly.

5. Mirror polished, not easy to rust.

Scoop coater Descrption

stainless steel ink knife Use
Stainless steel ink knives are the most widely used tools in the paint and ink industry. It can be used to clean ink in Screen Printing plate and open lid, make cakes, remove stains, etc.

stainless steel ink knife Use

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