Name Stainless steel filter tube; Stainless steel filter tube 304; Stainless steel filter tube 316; Stainless steel filter tube; Stainless steel punched filter tube.
Materials SUS302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.;  Single layer; Multiple layers.
Specification 1×1-635×635 Mesh.
Size Can be customized.
Weaving method Plain weave; Twill weave; Mat weave; Mat twill weave.
Style Welded by stainless steel mesh; Stainless steel punching mesh; Iron mesh; Stainless steel plate and iron plate. It can be single-layer welding; Multi-layer welding; And after single-layer welding; The metal filter mesh tube; Mesh tube; Mesh barrel; Filter element and filter tube are overlapped and inserted together to form multi-layer filtration.

Advantage: Wear resistant; High temperature resistance; Strong acid resistance; Corrosion resistance.

Use: Catalyst filtration and separation; Filtration of high temperature gas in petrochemical industry; Filtration of tail gas in boiling bed of petrochemical plant; Filtration of catalytic cracking slurry; Purification of high temperature flue gas in the metallurgical industry; Filtration of other high temperature gases and liquids; Filtration of various high temperature; Corrosive liquid and catalyst in the petrochemical industry; Filtration and purification of various polymer melts in the chemical fiber film industry; Filtration and separation of various catalysts in the pharmaceutical industry; For gas distribution, liquidized bed orifice material; For high pressure backwash oil filters, etc.; Various slurries for filtering edible oils, beverages and food; used to purify and filter production wastewater.
Production process: Through the cutting board – roll round – welding – rounding – surface treatment – forming.

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