stainless steel Filter Disc

stainless steel Filter Disc

Filter Disc

Name Stainless steel filter disc; Stainless steel mesh filter disc;
Materials  SUS302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc., Single layer; Multiple layers.
Specification  1×1-635 mesh
Size Any size can be customized.
Type There are no edging; Aluminum edging and stainless steel edging.
Weaving method Plain weave; Twill weave; Mat weave; Mat twill weave; Black silk fabric.

Advantage: It has the characteristics of large flow and high filtration efficiency; Wear resistance; High temperature resistance; Strong acid resistance; Corrosion resistance.
Use:It is suitable for distillation; Absorption; Evaporation; Filtration and other processes in the petroleum; Oil refining; Chemical; Light industry; Pharmaceutical; Metallurgy; Machinery;  Shipbuilding; Automobile tractors and other industries to eliminate droplets and liquid droplets entrained in steam or gas. And as an air filter on the car tractor.

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