Squeegee Rubber Scissors

Squeegee Rubber Scissors

Rubber Scissors

Squeegee Rubber Scissors are mainly used for cutting rubber strips, window sealing strips, protection strips, etc. in the screen printing industry. It is widely used in various industries, especially the hardware tool industry, and it is the most cost-effective product among other scissors.

Squeegee Rubber Scissors Information

Name Squeegee Rubber Scissors
Model MKSS-44
Specification 35cm
Material Titanium alloy steel
Surface treatment chrome plating
Handle plastic hand handle
Full length 240 (mm)
Opening size 35 (mm)
Purpose special scissors screen printing squeegee

Squeegee Rubber Scissors Information

Squeegee Rubber Scissors Descrption


  • 1. Alloy cutter: set the measure size in cutter, the cutting surface smooth, flat.
  • 2. Switch: there is a black switch in the middle part, when use scissor, pls open it.
  • 3. Plastic sleeve handle: antiskid, ensure the strength can be focus, protect your hand.

Squeegee Rubber Scissors Descrption


  • 1. Turn on the switch.
  • 2. Prepare squeegee, measure the size you need to cut,put the squeegee in cutter.
  • 3.Start cutting,cutting surface smooth,flat.

Squeegee Rubber Scissors Descrption

Product Display

Squeegee is used in the process of screen printing, also known as squeegee rubber, squeegee strip. 

Most of them are made of PU material, according to the characteristics of the screen printed substrate, the accuracy requirements of the printed pattern and the difference in printing methods, squeegee with different hardness and different cross-sectional shape can be selected. The hardness of the squeegee specifically refers to the hardness of its surface. It is often expressed in terms of Shore hardness, including: 60 degrees, 65 degrees, 70 degrees, 75 degrees, 80 degrees, and 85 degrees.

The cross-sectional shape generally has several types such as right-angle type and sharp-angle type.

The detailed specifications are: 50*9mm, 40*7mm, 25*5mm, etc. No matter which kind of rubber strip it belongs to, it can be easily cut using the rubber strip scissors, and the cutting surface is bright and smooth.

Squeegee Rubber Scissors Descrption

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