» Polyester screen printing mesh

Polyester screen printing mesh


The mesh count was considered a medium course screen, has high tension and low elongation, with excellent tear resistance and dimensional stability, the mesh count screens are the most versatile and the most commonly used in screen printing. Screens on the lower end of the mesh count spectrum put down heavier ink deposits and are ideal for printing bold colors on dark textile fabrics.


Product Name 54T(137 mesh) polyester silk screen printing mesh / bolting cloth
Material 100% polyester monofilament
Mesh Count/cm 54T
Mesh Count/inch 137 mesh/inch
Color White
Width 127cm, 165cm or customized
Roll length 30-100m or customized
Thread diameter  64 micron or 70 micron
Aperture 115 micron or 108 micron
Thickness  95-105 micron or 108-120 micron
Weave type Plain weave
Feature High tension, low elongation and halogen-free
Usage Printing on Ceramics, Glass, Textile, Electronics, CD, PCB, Solar cell panel, Advertising
Sample 1 m








1.High tension and low attenuation tension

2.The screen dot is good

3.High quality stability

4.Abarsion resistance is good and long service life


High Tension: The fracture resistance is high, and the tension value of the printing mesh is

significantly higher than that of the ordinary printing mesh.


High Stability: The tension remains very stable during the printing process, thus ensuring

the printing quality and the service life of the screen.


High abrasion resistance: The high-quality fiber is used as the raw material, and the surface

of the screen is specially treated to withstand high pressure and multiple frictions.

Therefore, the screen has high safety and printing resistance.



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