» Plain Weave Monofilament 5 Micron Nylon Mesh Filter Bags For Beer Filtration

5 Micron Nylon Filter Bag introduction Detailed Product Description
Opening Size: 175mm Or Customized Material: Nylon
Usage: Liquid Filter,Wildely Used Filter Rating: 27%-80% Filter Mesh
Color: White Bag Size: 420*290mm
Mesh Count: 5Micron Certification: FDA

Plain Weave Monofilament 5 Micron Nylon Filter Bag For Beer Filtration

5 Micron Nylon Filter Bag introduction

The liquid monofilament filter bag is made of high-strength nylon woven mesh. Absolute accuracy level, the surface of the material that is directly trapped by impurities larger than the mesh hole during the filtration process, and the particles smaller than the mesh diameter enter the downstream through the mesh hole, so the nylon single-screen filter bag realizes surface filtration, and the smooth surface is also easy to clean. , can be reused.

Steel ring nylon mesh sock specification

Product name Plastic ring nylon filter bag/sock
Material nylon mesh with steel ring
Ring size 175mm and custom made according to your request
Aperture size 5Micron
Features food grade
Bag Size 420*290mm or customized
Certification FDA

5 Micron Nylon mesh bags application

1. Food and beverage;

2. Bioengineering and pharmaceutical petrochemical and chemical industry;

3. Automobile manufacturing; Petroleum and natural gas; Electronics and plating;

4. Coatings, paints and inks; Nuclear power and thermal power and waste liquid filtration;

5. Liquid filtration in photographic film production process;

6. Purification of liquid and gas in daily chemical industry;

7. Filtering of various coolants in mechanical processing and refrigeration industries;

8. Purification of various liquids in textile, dyeing and paper industry.

5 Micron Nylon mesh bags Product pictures

5 Micron Nylon mesh bags



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