» Nylon Filter Screen Sheets

Product name Nylon Filter Screen SheetsN
Material 100% nylon monofilament or others
Color white, yellow or customized
Weave type Woven Wire Mesh, Cutting into different size sheet
Max temperature 375ºF or 225ºC
Mesh Opening 5-1950 micron
Application Liquid filter, oil filter, paint filter, rosin press

Our filter mesh sheet:
1. Non-toxic, odourless, tasteless, high strength, high elongation, good elasticity.
2. With high toughness, good elasticity, resistance to weak acid, oil resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, heat
resistance and other characteristics, it also has good insulation, low lubricating coefficient characteristics. Its application
range is very wide.
3. High material quality, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, long use life, smooth surface high strength, strong elastic, ink permeability and good resilience.
4. Excellent alkaline resistance.
5. High precision, uniform thread diameter
6. Available in disc, tube, bag and special shapes
7. Compliance with food grade.


(1)Chemical resistance.
(2) Monofilament structure for thinner aperture.
(3) Fine meshes for better filtering performance.
(4) Better ductility and tenacity.
(5)Can be used with the perforated or woven filter media.
(6) Ideal for filtering hard impurities and high viscosity liquid.
(7)    Easy to clean and maintenance.
(8)    Economical and efficient.



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