» Aluminum Handle Printing Squeegee

We have single-layer and double-layer screen printing squeegee aluminum handles, with or without screen printing squeegee. We have a variety of hardness, a variety of mouth-shaped screen printing squeegee. Specific information welcome to consult.

We provide size customization, the above pictures are our customized products according to

customer requirements, for your reference. Come and order now!

Product name: Aluminum Handle Printing Squeegee Handle Specification: Double layer/single layer
Handle material: Aluminum Handle Length: 4”-40”,customized
Squeegee material: 100% Polyurethane Squeegee Hardness: 50-95A
Squeegee size: 25*5,25*7,35*5,40*7,50*7,50*9mm or Customized Blade shape: Flat, sharp, oblique, blunt
Product use: Make glue or ink flow through the screen to contact the substrate material,ensure that the screen is suitable for the surface of the substrate, and can remove excess glue and ink on the screen


High-quality aluminum alloy material, all copper countersunk head nut does not hurt the hand, the surface is oxidized, it will not turn black after holding for a long time, convenient, durable and lightweight, this screw is also better than ordinary ones, can be customized Various sizes!

Flat screen printing squeegee has certain adaptability and can withstand high pressure.

Bevel screen printing squeegee has the characteristics of flat and sharp shaving, and is not prone to collapse.

Sharp screen printing squeegee has good flexibility, compliance, reduces pressure, and is suitable for printing on uneven surfaces.

The larger the degree of the strip, the harder the scraper, and the smaller the degree, the softer the extrusion.


Use Suggested:

When using, try to avoid excessive pressure of the scraper on the screen, which will cause: the ink

layer is extremely thick, difficult to control, and will also wear the screen excessively. printing with

proper pressure. When loading the squeegee into the handle, do not apply excessive pressure or

use a thick gauge to press it in, the squeegee should take regular breaks, not continuous use.


Cleaning Method:

Wipe off excess ink with a cloth first, and then use a soft cloth dipped in a suitable solution to

clean it. Do not use strong corrosive solvents. After grinding, the spatula should be completely idle

before use to allow the solvent on the spatula to fully evaporate.


Grinding Method:

Common grinding methods can be used: belt type, grinding wheel type. The squeegee must be

kept dry during grinding, and the squeegee after grinding should not be wiped with solvent



Storage Method:

For long-term storage, the squeegee should be wrapped and placed flat in a dry, cool and dark

room. Avoid direct light exposure, otherwise the performance and hardness of the scraper will


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