» TITAN electronic screen tension meter

TITAN tension meter is suitable for the measurement of various screen tension.

Digital indicating tension, unit: N/CM. Display accuracy 0.1N/CM, the tension at any place of the tensioned cloth can be detected, the radial tension and weft tension of the measured screen can be distinguished, make the screen to reach the same tension in the latitude and longitude direction. TITAN electronic type digital display tension meter is a precision instrument, it needs to be kept dry and idust-free, and need to pay attention to anti-fall and anti-shock.

Measurement Methods And Precautions
1. After installing the battery, place the tensiometer (and bottom bracket) on a flat
surface without vibration, click the power button, wait a few seconds, the display
shows 0.0, and then it can be used.
2.Tension meter after zero, put it on the clean tension screen, digital display of tension
3. Matters needing attention
When testing the tension, the mesh must be suspended;
Tensiometer must be zeroed before use
It will automatically shut down after stopping measurement for 2 minutes;
Pay attention to anti-vibration:dropping the meter may damage or reduce the
measurement accuracy and sensitivity.

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